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primary cell
endothelial cell of hepatic sinusoid6
foreskin fibroblast4
mammary epithelial cell4
aortic adventitial fibroblast2
bronchial epithelial cell2
endothelial cell2
endothelial cell of umbilical vein2
fibroblast of lung2
fibroblast of mammary gland2
fibroblast of pulmonary artery2
fibroblast of villous mesenchyme2
mononuclear cell of bone marrow2
peripheral blood-derived erythroblast2
renal epithelial cell2
retinal pigment epithelial cell2
skeletal muscle myoblast2
tracheal epithelial cell2
Adipose stromal cell1
CD1c-positive myeloid dendritic cell1
CD34-positive, CD38-negative hematopoietic stem cell1
Rhabdoid Tumor of the Kidney1
Th1 cell1
Th17 cell1
Th2 cell1
aortic endothelial cell1
aortic smooth muscle cell1
cardiac fibroblast1
cardiac muscle cell1
cardiac muscle myoblast1
choroid plexus epithelial cell1
chronic lymphocytic leukemia cell1
colorectal cancer1
columnar chondrocyte1
endothelial cell of coronary artery1
epithelial cell of proximal tubule1
erythroid cell1
erythroid progenitor cell1
fibroblast of dermis1
head and neck squamous cell carcinoma1
induced T-regulatory cell1
leukemic stem cell1
mammary gland epithelial cell1
mast cell1
mature neutrophil1
meso-epithelial cell1
mononuclear cell1
myofibroblast cell1
neoplastic cell1
neuronal stem cell1
pancreatic ductal cell1
peripheral blood mononuclear cell1
peripheral blood stem cell1
plasma cell1
pre-B acute lymphoblastic leukemia cell1
primordial germ cell1
prostate gland cancer cell1
pulmonary artery endothelial cell1
pulmonary interstitial fibroblast1
regulatory T cell1
renal proximal tubule cell1
small cell ovarian carcinoma cell1
somatic muscle myotube1