2316 results

primary cell
common myeloid progenitor, CD34-positive142713
CD8-positive, alpha-beta T cell4357301
B cell6210138
endothelial cell1487122
CD4-positive, alpha-beta memory T cell9149
CD14-positive monocyte1984
epithelial cell of proximal tubule11612111
regulatory T cell52451312
CD8-positive, alpha-beta memory T cell787
pericyte cell101011
glomerular endothelial cell2141211
natural killer cell3256131
T cell64442
endothelial cell of umbilical vein246521
mononuclear cell6761
foreskin keratinocyte4114
T-helper 1 cell323631
trophoblast cell15714
T-helper 17 cell233531
pancreatic ductal cell533231
T-helper 2 cell223531
fibroblast of lung4642
foreskin fibroblast126214
pancreatic alpha cell63331
pancreatic beta cell7333
skeletal muscle myoblast21241321
CD4-positive, alpha-beta T cell1383
smooth muscle cell861
pancreatic acinar cell5333
pancreatic delta cell4343
mammary epithelial cell113314
naive thymus-derived CD4-positive, alpha-beta T cell12421111
bronchial epithelial cell124122
excitatory neuron12
fibroblast of cardiac tissue2433
fibroblast of dermis4431
mammary gland epithelial cell14331
glomerular visceral epithelial cell25121
skeletal muscle satellite cell41222
dermis blood vessel endothelial cell262
kidney tubule cell21232
retinal pigment epithelial cell312112
epithelial cell of prostate342
hepatic stellate cell3111111
mature neutrophil171
naive T cell333
skin fibroblast2322
fibroblast of breast242
fibroblast of mammary gland112112
fibroblast of pulmonary artery112112
fibroblast of villous mesenchyme112112
glutamatergic neuron62
kidney glomerular epithelial cell211211
memory B cell422
myoepithelial cell of mammary gland242
naive thymus-derived CD8-positive, alpha-beta T cell3221
pancreatic stellate cell2213
renal cortical epithelial cell211211
CD1c-positive myeloid dendritic cell112111
choroid plexus epithelial cell112111
kidney epithelial cell111211
kidney interstitial cell16
kidney loop of Henle thin ascending limb epithelial cell7
luminal epithelial cell of mammary gland2311
mesangial cell25
pulmonary artery endothelial cell112111
alternatively activated macrophage114
astrocyte of the cerebellum11211
astrocyte of the hippocampus11211
cardiac muscle cell11211
colon epithelial cell33
dermis lymphatic vessel endothelial cell222
foreskin melanocyte141
gamma-delta T cell24
peripheral blood mononuclear cell411
plasma cell21111
skeletal muscle cell11211
smooth muscle cell of the brain vasculature11211
type II pneumocyte42
cardiac fibroblast32
Adaptive / Maladaptive / Repairing Fibroblast32
Adaptive / Maladaptive / Repairing Proximal Tubule Epithelial Cell32
Adaptive / Maladaptive / Repairing Thick Ascending Limb Cell Type 132
Adaptive / Maladaptive / Repairing Thick Ascending Limb Cell Type 232
Afferent / Efferent Arteriole Endothelial Cell32
B Cell32
CD14-positive, CD16-negative classical monocyte5
Classical Dendritic Cell32
Connecting Tubule Cell32
Connecting Tubule Intercalated Cell Type A32
Connecting Tubule Principal Cell32
Cortical Thick Ascending Limb Cell32
Cycling Endothelial Cell32
Cycling Epithelial Cell32
Cycling T Cell32
Cytotoxic T Cell32
Degenerative Connecting Tubule Cell32
Degenerative Connecting Tubule Cell / Principal Cell32
Degenerative Cortical Thick Ascending Limb Cell32
Degenerative Distal Convoluted Tubule Cell32
Degenerative Intercalated Cell Type A32
Degenerative Peritubular Capillary Endothelial Cell32
Degenerative Principal Cell32
Degenerative Proximal Tubule Epithelial Cell32
Degenerative Proximal Tubule Epithelial Cell / Descending Thin Limb Cell32
Degenerative Vascular Smooth Muscle Cell32
Descending Thin Limb Cell Type 132
Distal Convoluted Tubule Cell Type 132
Glomerular Capillary Endothelial Cell32
Intercalated Cell Type A32
Intercalated Cell Type B32
Lymphatic Endothelial Cell32
M2 Macrophage32
Medullary Thick Ascending Limb Cell32
Mesangial Cell32
Monocyte-derived Cell32
Natural Killer T Cell32
Natural Killer T Cell Type 132
Natural Killer T Cell Type 232
Non-Classical Monocyte32
Parietal Epithelial Cell32
Peritubular Capillary Endothelial Cell32
Plasma Cell32
Plasmacytoid Dendritic Cell32
Principal Cell32
Proximal Tubule Epithelial Cell Segment 1 and 232
Proximal Tubule Epithelial Cell Segment 332
Regulatory T Cell32
Renin-positive Juxtaglomerular Granular Cell32
T Cell32
T follicular helper cell221
Transitional Principal-Intercalated Cell32
Vascular Smooth Muscle Cell / Pericyte32
brain microvascular endothelial cell1121
cortical cell of adrenal gland32
fibroblast of peridontal ligament1121
fibroblast of the aortic adventitia1211
gabaergic neuron32
inflammatory macrophage113
inhibitory neuron5
iris pigment epithelial cell1121
kidney capillary endothelial cell11111
kidney cortex collecting duct principal cell5
kidney distal convoluted tubule epithelial cell14
kidney loop of Henle thick ascending limb epithelial cell5
lung microvascular endothelial cell131
mast cell11111
naive B cell32
non-pigmented ciliary epithelial cell1121
tracheal epithelial cell122
CD4-positive helper T cell22
activated CD4-positive, alpha-beta T cell121
acute myeloid leukemia cell22
adult endothelial progenitor cell31
aortic adventitial fibroblast112
aortic endothelial cell211
astrocyte of the spinal cord121
blood vessel smooth muscle cell22
cardiac fibroblast31
central memory CD8-positive, alpha-beta T cell22
effector CD4-positive, alpha-beta T cell22
effector T cell22
effector memory CD8-positive, alpha-beta T cell22
endothelial cell of lymphatic vessel31
enteric smooth muscle cell22
epithelial cell of esophagus121
fibroblast of gingiva121
fibroblast of the conjunctiva121
kidney connecting tubule epithelial cell4
mature natural killer cell22
memory T cell22
memory regulatory T cell22
mesenchymal stem cell1111
nephron progenitor4
pancreatic MUC5B+ductal cell13
pancreatic alpha+beta cell13
pancreatic cycling alpha cell13
pancreatic endothelial cell13
pancreatic gamma+epsilon cell13
pancreatic macrophage cell13
pancreatic mast cell13
pancreatic polypeptide-secreting cell121
renal epithelial cell112
smooth muscle cell of the esophagus22
stromal cell of bone marrow121
type I muscle cell211
type I pneumocyte31
type II muscle cell211
Cycling Mononuclear Phagocyte3
Mast Cell3
S-shaped body3
Th1 cell111
Th17 cell111
activated CD8-positive, alpha-beta T cell111
amnion mesenchymal stem cell111
amniotic stem cell111
basal cell21
blood cell3
bone marrow cell21
brain pericyte111
ciliated cell21
club cell21
endocardial cell21
enteric neuron21
epidermal melanocyte111
epithelial cell of amnion111
erythroid cell111
kidney cell3
kidney collecting duct intercalated cell3
kidney cortex collecting duct intercalated cell3
kidney inner medulla collecting duct principal cell3
kidney loop of Henle descending limb epithelial cell3
kidney resident macrophage3
mammary stem cell111
meso-epithelial cell111
mesothelial cell21
microglial cell111
mononuclear cell of bone marrow12
naive B cel21
naive regulatory T cell21
naive t cell111
neoplastic cell111
oligodendrocyte precursor cell21
pancreatic A cell3
pancreatic quiescent stellate cell3
peripheral blood stem cell111
plasmacytoid dendritic cell21
pre-B acute lymphoblastic leukemia cell21
pulmonary interstitial fibroblast111
regular cardiac myocyte111
schwann cell21
skeletal muscle fiber3
smooth muscle cell of the coronary artery111
type B pancreatic cell3
Adipose stromal cell11
CD34-positive, CD38-negative hematopoietic stem cell11
Kupffer cell2
Muller cell2
Rhabdoid Tumor of the Kidney11
Th2 cell11
alveolar macrophage11
basal cell of epidermis11
capillary endothelial cell2
cardiac endothelial cell11
cardiac muscle myoblast11
chronic lymphocytic leukemia cell11
colon goblet cell11
columnar chondrocyte11
conventional dendritic cell11
dermis microvascular lymphatic vessel endothelial cell2
eccrine cell11
endothelial cell of coronary artery11
endothelial cell of hepatic sinusoid2
enterochromaffin-like cell11
enterocyte of epithelium of small intestine11
erythroid progenitor cell11
extracellular matrix secreting cell 2
fat cell11
fetal cardiomyocyte2
foveolar cell of stomach11
granular cell of epidermis11
head and neck squamous cell carcinoma11
intestinal tuft cell11
kidney inner medulla collecting duct intercalated cell2
leukemic stem cell11
luteal cell11
mantle cell lymphoma cell2
mature NK T cell11
myeloid dendritic cell11
myoepithelial cell11
myofibroblast cell11
natural killer cell mediated cytotoxicity11
neuronal stem cell11
non keratinizing barrier epithelial cell11
non-classical monocyte11
paneth cell11
parietal cell11
peptic cell11
peripheral blood-derived erythroblast2
primordial germ cell11
prostate gland cancer cell11
regular atrial cardiac myocyte11
renal principal cell11
renal proximal tubule cell11
renal vesicle2
respiratory goblet cell11
skeletal muscle fibroblast11
small cell ovarian carcinoma cell11
small intestine goblet cell11
somatic muscle myotube11
stellate neuron11
stomach neuroendocrine cell11
stromal cell11
thyroid follicular cell11
type I cell of adrenal cortex11
type II cell of adrenal cortex11
ureteric bud11
uterine smooth muscle cell11
vascular associated smooth muscle cell2
ventricular cardiac muscle cell11
brain microvascular endothelial cell1
retinal pigment epithelial cell1
B cell, CD19-positive1
B-1 B cell1
B-2 B cell1
B-cell lymphoma cell1
CD34-negative, CD41-positive, CD42-positive megakaryocyte cell1
CD34-positive, CD38-positive common myeloid progenitor OR CD34-positive, CD38-positive common lymphoid progenitor1
CD4-Positive T-Lymphocytes1
CD4-positive, CD25-positive, alpha-beta regulatory T cell1
CD56-positive, CD161-positive immature natural killer cell1
Heart fetal (cardiac muscle cell)1
Leydig cell1
Liver fetal (hepatocyte)1
Schwann cell1
Stromal Predominant Kidney Wilms Tumor1
T-cell lymphoma cell1
activated pancreatic stellate cell1
acute myeloid leukemia1
alpha-beta T cell1
alveolar cell type II1
amniotic epithelial cell1
aortic smooth muscle cell1
bone cell1
cardiac atrium fibroblast1
cardiac ventricle fibroblast1
chromaffin cell of adrenal gland1
ciliated epithelial cell1
colorectal cancer1
cytotoxic T cell1
dedifferentiated amniotic fluid mesenchymal stem cell1
dendritic cell1
effector CD8-positive, alpha-beta T cell1
effector memory CD4-positive, alpha-beta T cell1
embryonic stem cell1
endothelial cell of artery1
enteroendocrine cell1
epithelial cell of distal tubule1
erythroid lineage cell1
extravillous trophoblast1
fetal thymocyte1
fibroblast of arm1
fibroblast of skin of abdomen1
fibroblast of skin of back1
fibroblast of skin of right quadriceps1
gastric goblet cell1
glial cell1
goblet cell1
head and neck neoplasia1
helper T cell1
immature natural killer cell1
induced T-regulatory cell1
intestinal epithelial cell1
islet of Langerhans1
kidney granular cell1
kidney inner medulla collecting duct epithelial cell1
kidney interstitial fibroblast1
kidney loop of Henle ascending limb epithelial cell1
kidney loop of Henle epithelial cell1
kidney loop of Henle thin descending limb epithelial cell1
kidney proximal convoluted tubule epithelial cell1
kidney proximal convoluted tubule epithelial cell & kidney proximal straight tubule epithelial cell1
kidney proximal straight tubule epithelial cell1
lung neuroendocrine cell1
lymphocyte(CL:0000542) and natural killer cell(CL:0000623)1
macrophage(CL:0000235) and neutrophil(CL:0000775)1
mature B cell1
mature eosinophil1
megakaryocyte-erythroid progenitor cell1
meningioma cell1
mesenchymal cell1
mesenchymal stem cell of adipose1
microglial cell/astrocyte1
mycosis fungoides1
myeloid leukocyte1
neural progenitor cell1
neuroendocrine cell1
neutrophil progenitor cell1
non-neuronal cell1
pancreatic cell1
pancreatic endocrine cell1
pancreatic epsilon cell1
parietal epithelial cell1
pericardium fibroblast1
peripheral blood1
peripheral neuron1
photoreceptor cell1
placental hematopoietic stem cell1
placental villus capillary endothelial cell1
progenitor cell1
proximal tubule1
proximal tubule cells with injury markers1
quiescent pancreatic stellate cell1
renal alpha-intercalated cell1
renal beta-intercalated cell1
renal connecting tubule1
renal intercalated cell1
retinal bipolar neuron1
seminoma cell1
sensory neuron1
somatic gonadal cell1
sympathetic neuron1
trophoblast giant cell1
umbilical vein endothelial cell1
undifferentiated pleomorphic sarcoma1
urinary bladder cancer cell1