Annotation pipeline popularVote (popV for short) from Tabula Sapiens

  • Status: active
Annotation pipeline popularVote (popV for short) from Tabula Sapiens
single cell isolation followed by RNA-seq
We call our annotation pipeline popularVote (popV for short). The idea behind popV is not to tie the annotation process to one particular annotation algorithm. Instead, popV applies a series of annotation algorithms, each providing a different recipe for transferring labels from Tabula Sapiens to the user-provided data. popV then conducts consensus analysis over these algorithms to estimate the most reproducible annotation of every cell, and to highlight cells that are difficult to label (where the algorithms disagree). These cells are highlighted to the user as requiring a more in-depth inspection. By using this online collab notebook users can bring their own scRNAseq datasets with no prior labeling and generate cell type predictions. The dataset should contain a raw count matrix (unnormalized integer counts) or processed to remove ambient RNA contamination if desired (unnormalized rounded counts). For best performance, we recommend that, if desired, users select the physiologically closest organ available as their reference.
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