Human skeletal muscle aging atlas

Veronika R. Kedlian, Yaning Wang, Tianliang Liu, Xiaoping Chen, Liam Bolt, Catherine Tudor, Zhuojian Shen, Eirini S. Fasouli, Elena Prigmore, Vitalii Kleshchevnikov, Jan Patrick Pett, Tong Li, John E. G. Lawrence, Shani Perera, Martin Prete, Ni Huang, Qin Guo, Xinrui Zeng, Lu Yang, Krzysztof Polański, Nana-Jane Chipampe, Monika Dabrowska, Xiaobo Li, Omer Ali Bayraktar, Minal Patel, Natsuhiko Kumasaka, Krishnaa T. Mahbubani, Andy Peng Xiang, Kerstin B. Meyer, Kourosh Saeb-Parsy, Sarah A. Teichmann & Hongbo Zhang.
Nature Aging. 2024-04-15;
Skeletal muscle aging is a key contributor to age-related frailty and sarcopenia with substantial implications for global health. Here we profiled 90,902 single cells and 92,259 single nuclei from 17 donors to map the aging process in the adult human intercostal muscle, identifying cellular changes in each muscle compartment. We found that distinct subsets of muscle stem cells exhibit decreased ribosome biogenesis genes and increased CCL2 expression, causing different aging phenotypes. Our atlas also highlights an expansion of nuclei associated with the neuromuscular junction, which may reflect re-innervation, and outlines how the loss of fast-twitch myofibers is mitigated through regeneration and upregulation of fast-type markers in slow-twitch myofibers with age. Furthermore, we document the function of aging muscle microenvironment in immune cell attraction. Overall, we present a comprehensive human skeletal muscle aging resource ( together with an in-house mouse muscle atlas to study common features of muscle aging across species.

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Raw sequencing data for the newly generated libraries have been deposited to ArrayExpress (E-MTAB-13874). The publicly available human skeletal muscle single-nuclei and single-cell datasets were downloaded from GSE167186, GSE143704 and DRYAD
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Mouse datasets were obtained from GSE110878, GSE138707, GSE134540, GSE143476, GSE149590 and GSE142480 repositories.
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